For five nights, Egypt’s fashion experts and enthusiasts flocked to the Fairmont Towers in Heliopolis to witness fashion history in the making. La Mode A Beyrouth Cairo is a franchise of Lebanon’s official fashion week, which aims to bring international quality to the local market.

The event was held on 19-23 November, and it debuted this year with a long list of well-established designers from Egypt and the region. From Abed Mahfouz to Jamil Khansa, the runway unfolded next season’s top international couture trends.

With that said, the event also included the debut of a true local talent, Ahmed Fayez. Not only did his show predict an elegant season to come, but it also displayed a very promising future ahead for him.

As for the great finale, none other than the designs of Danny Atrache graced the enormous runway to declare a stunning end to a true fashion fiesta.

The event’s main goal was to bring the world’s top quality fashion straight into the heart of Cairo in order to connect the region creatively and artistically. Meanwhile, La Mode A Beyrouth Cairo also aims to become a solid platform that can help future talents reach a wider audience.

Multi Art is the main company behind the extravaganza. Along with the stunning fashion week, the company also owns a creative academy that aims to teach young talents the secrets of fashion design, modeling, and make up.